Smoked Venison Jerky

Gluten FreeSmoked Venison Jerky Nutrition Facts

"I am simple. I appreciate simple things. Laughter. Love. Ambivalence. Deep-sea crab fishing. Semi-competitive ball tickling, etc. In some circles I might be called boring. In others, uninspiring. But those circles suck. Im ravenously awesome and unbelievably self-aggrandizing. I have no less than five fully verifiable sources that can confirm this. Notarized proof is available upon written request and for a nominal fee. Im stalwart, respectful, dedicated, kind to lesser beings, and all the other amazingly awful things that serve to worsen the human condition. And because of these things and the fact that I stumbled upon your well-written website whilst cruising for jerky means I will try your frigging jerky. I will try it and I will enjoy it. Or I will punch you in the neck, zebra-style."
- Steve P.

Smoked Venison Jerky


Every man remembers his first encounter with a big buck. The shivering cold, lining up that 8-pointer, and then finally taking it down. Saul's experience was a little different. His involved some trickery, a poorly-ventilated barn and a nice, toasty fire. But the memories are just as sweet.

Our Smoked Venison Jerky is thick cut and tender, in small pieces for easy snacking. It is sweeter, smokier and juicier than the beef jerky varieties and is one of our most popular products.

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