Smoked Buffalo Jerky

Gluten Free

"My package just arrived onboard the USS Abraham Lincoln. We are in 7 months into an extended deployment overseas and this is some of the best food I've eaten since I left the States. Thanks so much. I will be ordering again whenever I return home."
- Todd M

Smoked Buffalo Jerky


People have said buffalo meat is leaner and something called "healthy." Saul doesnt know anything about that. What Saul knows about is setting barns on fire and turning buffalo into mouth-watering man snacks.

Our Smoked Buffalo Jerky is the most tender and juicy of our game jerky varieties. When chewed, there is a strong smokiness in the meat, along with a peppery after bite. It is also lightly sweet, with a less gamey flavor than our Cherry Maple Elk jerky.

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