Sauls Best Sellers Sampler Smorgasbord

Saul's Best Sellers Sampler Smorgasbord

This sampler contains 8 packs of our best selling products. In this pack you get one 4 oz. Original Beef, one 4 oz. Honey BBQ Turkey, one 4 oz. Peppercorn Beef, one 8 oz. Sweet and Hot Beef, one 8 oz. Teriyaki Hunter's Sausage Mini's one 8 oz. Original Hunter Sausage Mini's, one 1.92 oz. Smoked Venison, and one 1.92 oz. Smoked Buffalo. In total that is almost 2.5lbs of meat! What's not to love about this pack?? It makes a great gift for anyone, anytime. Done.
"Just received my best sellers sampler pack and LOVING this jerky/sausage!"
–Corey B. 

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