Our Quality

These days, you can find jerky in any grocery store, supermarket or combination gas station and car wash. Somewhere, Saul is rolling in his grave. If you're eating pre-packaged, mass-produced jerky, chances are it's got an ingredients label as long as your skirt.

At Blue Ox Jerky, we only use the finest cuts of meat and spices. We are living up to Saul’s expectations of face punching meat excellence. If our jerky could drive, it would ride a motorcycle with flames and super secret spy weapons. There’s also a good chance that your girlfriend is on the back. Our jerky is manlier than wrestling a bear with mad nunchuk skills, driving a monster truck, listening to Pantera, growing a mullet and saving a kitten from a burning tree. All at once. It’s barely even possible.

What fans are saying about Blue ox…

One graduate of the University of Manliness and Meat, Capncrnch, said “Ohf*ckme! I eat Blue Ox all the time. I love your jerky. The hunter sausage and teriyaki are awesome!”

Danny J (a true man among men) had this to say, “I received my order a few days ago and it is the best I’ve ever had.”

Holder of an Ultimate Man Card @Tothechest said “I can vouch for the original & the cracked pepper. They're excellent.”

If you're looking for the best jerky a man can buy, consider your search ended. In choosing Blue Ox, you're making a choice that would bring a tear to the eye of Saul himself. If he sheds tears, that is.