"I have just received your sampler pack. Thank you for the prompt shipping. You have a great flavor selection and I had to hide the bag from myself (couldnt resist opening the different packs). Thanks again for a really great product."
- Jim B.

BBQ Smoked Turkey Jerky


Saul was a smart man. He knew a thing or two. One particularly useful nugget of information was the knowledge that any self-respecting man begs like a schoolgirl the moment BBQ is brought up. This stuff here can bring a bearded lumberjack to his knees.

BBQ Smoked Turkey Jerky is a close relative of its beef counterpart. This turkey jerky is thick-cut, honey-sweet and tender. You will also notice hints of smoke and pepper. This jerky is a mild taste experience, but its delicious smoky infusion will not be forgotten.

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