Front End Brian


Brian is a front-end developer. (Regardless of what you are thinking – he works with computers…)

He spends his time developing websites by making them easy to use, nice to look at and run like a well-oiled machine. Leave it to Brian to turn a mock-up of ideas into a working digital model.

Brian took the time to speak with BOJ about front-end developing… and what it’s like to live in the Matrix.

BOJ: What is front end developing?

BB: A Front-end web developer is the programmer in charge of the look a feel of a website. Basically we take a Photoshop design and turn it into a website. The interactions on the page with the mouse and how the menus and links and font colors are all built by the front end developer. Anything security related or database related goes to the Back-end. Not that back end… I’m talking back-end developers!

BOJ: How did you get interested in this line of work?

BB: Pure luck and desperation to get a career job. I did HTML in college and high school when trying to get a computer science degree. It was always fun but my dream was to design video games. Because I sucked in math, that never happened. So out of college a friend of a friend of mine told me of a job fair at his work. He gave me his card to name drop for better luck. I went hoping to get a marketing job but realized I was out gunned by all the people that had degrees in marketing and all I had was a computer information systems degree with a minor in marketing. So, after my bombed out interview I talked one of the guides at the fair and asked her if I could sign up for another interview seeing I had a technical background. She said no, but then told me to hold on a sec. She comes back saying they haven’t had many people applying in technical so Bob could squeeze me in. That’s right Bob, always some guy named Bob in a office. The interview went well, bob knew my friends friend, and thought I had the entry level skills for HTML position that just opened. I have been coding HTML and CSS ever since.

BOJ: What kinds of requirements do you need in order to be a front-end developer?

BB: Basically you need to know four things. You have to be able to program in HTML and CSS, have some basic understanding of Javascript and know the basics in Photoshop so that you can cut up the images you need to program the site. The rest is experience points, all jobs you apply for look at what the hell you have done in the past with front end.

BOJ: What kind of computer do you have at home? Is it supercharged?

BB: I build a bad-ass gaming machine with a pair. 8 core processor, I got the second most powerful graphics card on the market when I built it(save tons of money by just dropping to second other than being taken advantage of by the graphic companies for their newest one), a big ass heat sink with extra fans to back it up, and lots of lighting effects to trick it out.

BOJ: How much time exactly do you spend in the Matrix each day?

BB: Lots! I just learned kung fu!

BOJ: What is a day in the life of a FED like?

BB: Either I’m slammed or I’m waiting for something to come down the pipe. When you get a big project your busy and everything seems to break on every other project you where not planning on working on.Or its the opposite and your waiting for a project to get to your desk and no other projects need updates. I get lots of jerky breaks. Nice thing is at my work is i get research projects to keep me updated with the newest effects in the web development.

BOJ: What is your favorite part about being a front-end developer?

BB: Working with the art. Every website is a new design, new style, and will have different features that need to be built. So every project is different, keeps things interesting. Also its cool when a site does well and you realized you had a part in it.

BOJ: What would you say to those looking to become a FED?

BB: If you like video games but didnt have the advanced math and code skills to make it, Front-end web development is the next best thing. Just have a passion to learn as much as you can with strong focus in the 4 areas i mentioned earlier. The rest is just getting out there and building some!

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