Epoxy Josh


Josh is the kind of guy who gets things done. He works daily to mastermind projects which include the use of professional-grade sealants, epoxy flooring and other manufacturing-focused solutions.

Whether someone looks to replace the epoxy flooring in their garage, or a 20,000 sq. ft. facility, or wants to have their machinery protected from wear and tear: Josh has the solution. (Literally!) He took the time out of his busy day of speaking with contractors, testing products and wowing customers with his supreme knowledge of all things epoxy, to speak with BOJ.

BOJ: What is it that you do with epoxy?

JM: I provide businesses and homes with a viable flooring solution that is durable, long lasting & highly attractive. I sell all kinds of sealants, repair treatments and 100% solids epoxy flooring systems. I am also in charge of our nation-wide network of authorized dealers and installers.

BOJ: How did you get involved in the epoxy slanging business?

JM: Muscle Gloss was created as a proper alternative to the cheap retail coatings that you have to re-coat and fix on a daily basis. I found this to be a great fit for my abilities as a salesperson and organizer. Also, we wanted to create an easy to use system for everyone – for those of us, me included, that are in no way handy. This was key. I have worked with the product myself, which makes me very confident in the product.

BOJ: Where can epoxy be used?

JM: Most people believe epoxy can only be used on concrete, however, epoxy can be used on a variety of surfaces. Muscle Gloss is found on wood floors, counters tops, tile, bar surfaces, metal, crafts, tables…etc. Almost anything you can think can be epoxied.


BOJ: What other kinds of products do you supply?

JM: Muscle Gloss also supplies a wide variety of cleaners, de-greasers, concrete repair and ice and snow removal products. We have products that fill cement cracking, deep clean concrete from oil stains, melt ice collected on rooftops… we even have additives to make floors glittery, less slippery and glow-in-the-dark.

BOJ: What is the installation process like? Sounds scary…

JM: Prepping the surface is the most important aspect to the installation process by grinding, shot blasting, sanding or chemical etching of the floor. Grinding is the most effective, but the floor must be prepped in some way in order for the epoxy to create a solid bond. Muscle Gloss is a two-part, 100% solids epoxy system and is applied with a squeegee or roller and is ready in 24 hours for traffic of all types. Our epoxy is designed for heavy foot traffic and warehouse-grade wear and tear, so it is best to apply it in sections. This gives you the best coverage. The coolest part is wearing our spiked shoes. They allow you to walk right on top of the freshly spread epoxy without ruining the outcome. It’s actually pretty fun – if you follow the instructions…


BOJ: Have you ever been stuck in epoxy during installation?

JM: I have personally never been stuck in the epoxy… However insects, small rodents and one unfortunate dog have… the dog lived – don’t worry.

BOJ: Where can your epoxy be purchased?

JM: Currently Muscle Gloss products can be purchased on our website www.musclegloss.com.

BOJ: What would you tell someone looking to epoxy a surface?

JM: Prep, prep, prep your surface this goes for any epoxy system it will be better for your mind and wallet in the long run. And if you want a system that will last give us a call at 866-258-9500 we will be happy to discuss your project or get you in touch with a Muscle Gloss contractor who can handle your whole epoxy project.

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