Adam the Hygienist


Adam is a dental hygienist working towards his dental school degree. He sees the nastiest mouths in town and corrects misshapen fangs like it’s his job… oh, wait.

That IS his job!

That’s why BOJ came to him with a few questions about gassing victims… er… patients, toothbrush technology and keeping your record clean enough to become a dentist.

(Not to mention keeping those chunks of jerky out of your teeth.)

Needless to say, BOJ was sure to brush up (and use mouthwash) before talking to Adam – defender of pearly whites, corrector of crooked smiles and mass murderer of gingivitis.

BOJ: How did you get involved in the dentistry biz?

AJ: When I was 19, I went and observed at a dental office and ended up getting a summer job there as a dental assistant. I absolutely loved the work atmosphere and everything about the job. Things developed from there, from that point on I knew dentistry was my passion. I have always been interested in science since I was a little kid. I used to have those toy microscope kits and spent hours playing with them. Science has always been something that comes naturally for me.

BOJ: What is your average day at work like as a dental hygienist?

AJ: Work is a blast. The people I work with are great and so are the majority of our patients. We do procedures ranging from fillings to root canals, extractions and implant restorations.

BOJ: How do you deal with patients who are afraid of the dentist? Do you gas them immediately?

AJ: That applies to most people. [Laughs] I don’t let it get to me and try to focus on the patient’s comfort level – always trying to make them more relaxed and increase their trust in you. I try to be as patient and pleasant as possible. If I can change one person’s opinion about going to the dentist, it’s a great feeling.

BOJ: What is your least favorite part about working on people’s pie holes?

AJ: Unintentionally hurting a patient. When the anesthetic hasn’t worked/kicked in and the patient feels something, I feel horrible! You always get that glare from them like you’re satan.

BOJ: What are the perks of this business? Free toothbrushes for life?

AJ: Best perk would be the free dental care! You can’t beat that kind of bonus.

BOJ: What kind of toothbrush do you recommend? Anything especially good for getting jerky out?

AJ: Any Oral B electric toothbrush is great. It should work perfectly on any meat stuck in there. On the other hand, you should be flossing if you have chunks of meat stuck in your teeth. In fact, floss daily!


BOJ: Any tips for those looking to join the dentistry profession? Do you have to have great teeth to get into the club?

AJ: Stay focused and organized in school. Good grades are essential to get into dental school and it’s very competitive. Also, keep your record clean – nobody wants a dentist with a lengthy criminal record. Having good hygiene is key to any interview… I would think taking care of your teeth will never work against you.

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