Jerky for Breakfast


We know what you’re thinking… are these people at BOJ crazy? Yes, we are… but we make a mean omelette.

Making an omelette can be intimidating, but once you have the process figured out – it’s a breeze. Add this recipe to your repertoire of breakfast dishes to wow the meat-lover in your life. Don’t worry, we’ll walk you through the egg flipping part.

Preparation Time: 5 – 10 minutes

Cooking Time: 5 – 10 minutes

- 1 12″ non-stick pan with flat cover
- 2 to 3 eggs
- Milk
- Whisk or fork
- Spatula
- Cheese of your choice (soft cheese is best)
- Onions
- Green pepper
- Jerky of your choice (For those who put hot sauce on their eggs – try BOJ Blazin’ Hot Beef!)
- Teaspoon of butter

Chop up your onions, jerky and green pepper (diced). Throw all the ingredients into your non-stick pan on medium heat with some butter until the jerky is heated and your onions start to sweat. (Onions look clear when they are ready.) Afterwards, put the ingredients into a bowl and cover with paper towel. Clean you non-stick pan… we’re gonna need that again.

Now, add eggs and a splash of milk into a mixing bowl. Use a whisk or fork to whip air into the egg mixture. (Put your back into it for about 2 minutes of quality whisking!) This will make things easier already – pinky promise.

Here’s the creepy British version…


Next, put butter into your 12″ non-stick pan and turn the burner to med-low. Allow the butter to completely melt, being sure to coat the entire bottom and sides of the pan. Place your lid on top of the pan and wait for five minutes. DON’T REMOVE THE LID. Peaking will ruin your omelette!

When you open the lid FIVE MINUTES later, your omelette you be perfectly cooked. (Not liquid-looking on top.) If this is no the case, put the top back on for a couple of minutes. If your eggs look beautiful, throw your pre-cooked toppings. and your cheese, onto one side of the flat-looking egg pancake.

Once you muster up the courage, flip the un-topped half onto the half holding your goodies! (Just flick your wrist slightly with your spatula!) After an awkward dance with the non-stick pan to your plate – you’re ready to enjoy your jerky omelette! Nice job!

Embrace its ooey-gooey cheesiness. Welcome the jerky’s explosion of flavor. Surrender to its magnificence.

DO NOT SHARE with others. Serve with orange juice, toast and hash browns.

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