Jerky and Wine

WARNING: This blog post contains alcohol!




When it comes to paring jerky with libations, the first thought that comes to mind is “BEER.”

This is a valid assumption. Beer and jerky do go well together. It’s an ancient pairing that has continued to this day through tailgates, graduation parties and viking post-pillage feasts alike.

On the other hand, a fine wine can take the jerky-eating experience to a level of class many Slim Jim eaters will never know. We’re looking at you Macho Man Randy Savage… RIP.

Those that are not wine connoisseurs may find this sophisticated drink intimidating. Don’t worry. BOJ is here to walk you through the process of pairing fine jerky (OURS) with a wine fit for each meaty variety.

Original Beef Jerky with Merlot (Red)

Merlot is a great red wine to pair with full-flavored meats. The acidity of the Merlot grape can cause spicy foods to alter the taste of the drink, resulting in a bitter or tarnished flavor. Sticking this robust drink with a full-bodied jerky flavor is the best way to enter our wine/jerky exploration. The high acid content of Merlot gives it a wide range of great food-pairing options. This classic, black-berried wine is also perfect accompaniment for peppers, steak, cold cut meats and mild cheeses.


Honey BBQ Turkey Jerky with Riesling (White)

Riesling is another great wine to pair with foods. The acidity and sugar ratio allows for a wide variety of appropriate edible compliments. A mild-flavored jerky with lean texture is definitely most fitting. The subtle sweetness from Honey BBQ Turkey Jerky is a perfect match for this light beverage, and can be enjoyed on a warm day (white while is generally served chilled). Riesling is also a wine that stands up to spices well – substitute the mild turkey jerky for a spicier variety without worry.


Cajun BBQ Beef Brisket & Blazin’ Hot with Sauvignon blanc

Sauvignon blanc is a sweet-bodied, white wine with a crisp taste. This fresh tasting grape makes the perfect beverage used to wash down some Blazin’ Hot Beef Jerky… other than milk – or tears. This wine is generally bottled at a young age, giving it a distinct flavor, with a wide range of great food-pairing choices. One of its best choices is a spicy dish… preferably of the meaty variety.


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