Jerky and Hunting


As the hunting season approaches, (many states have already opened antlerless firearm hunting) only one question arises…

What in the name of Bambi’s dead mother will you be chewing on while you’re waiting for that prized beauty to emerge from the woods?

Will you be munching on an apple? No, that’s for the deer. Cookies? C’mon – you can’t eat cookies all day. You’ll get a stomach ache. What about chips? They’re too loud! Chips will scare off what you are trying to kill and hang on your wall.

How about a suggestion? Go ahead, guess. Yes. Of, course it’s jerky.

There are few things that connect a person to mother Earth more closely than hiding in a grown-up’s version of a tree fort, dressed in camouflage – waiting to kill something. It is calming, meditative and downright awesome. As awesome as this practice can be, it does cause an individual to get restless, a bit claustrophobic, but most of all – hungry.

Here are the reasons why jerky is a hunter’s best friend, and an animal’s worst nightmare.

1) Quiet

Let’s be honest, the point of hunting is to bring home a prize. Nobody says, “Remember when I almost shot that 12-point buck?” They do, however, notice it hanging over your fireplace… it’s hard to miss. If you are looking to be the proud owner of such a prize, you’d better learn how to shut your trap. Otherwise, deer, rabbits, turkeys, elk, rattlesnake and unicorns will all know where you’re hiding. Jerky comes in a resealable plastic bag. No crinkling. No squeaky, popping sounds when you crack it open. Feel free to take a big ole’ bite and crew to your heart’s delight. They won’t even hear you coming.


2) Shelf Life

If you bring a bag of chips to a hunting trip, it is almost certain they will be stale by the end of it. Most food goes bad. Jerky doesn’t. It is designed solely for this purpose. Buy a giant bag of Hunter’s sausage and throw them in the pick-up truck. Unless you plan to park your car for a year somewhere (that would be a hell of a ticket) – you’re good. This is a snack to last you all the way through the season of meat gathering, not merely a single trip.


3) Portability

A bag of Doritos is basically a bag full of air with some chips at the bottom. The space used to hold five of these bags could potentially hold pounds of delicious smoked meats. Rather than trying to shoot with cheese-encrusted fingers, reach into that plaid-pocketed jacket of yours and grab a slab of jerky. It can be stored easily in a hunting bag, tactical vest or blue jean back pocket – if your Skoal isn’t using it. Keeping jerky in the blind is an easy way to keep supplies up, just make sure to animal-proof it before you leave… bears have great taste in snacks.


Leave the other food at home. There is no place for fruit or Pop-Tarts on this hunting trip. What hunters need is a quiet, long-lasting and portable snack to get them through 99 percent of the hunting experience. That way you can be ready for the one percent… actually shooting at things.

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