Holiday Season BOJ

Holiday Season BOJ

The holidays are now almost upon us. We have prepared to the best of our abilities… or maybe we’ve just waited until the last minute.

If you’re one of the many who wait until the brink of the holidays to grab everything you will need to stuff those stocking – now worries. BOJ has you covered.

One of the greatest stocking-stuffers of all time is, yes you guessed it: JERKY.

This is a snack so delicious, so timeless, that Santa himself would be honored to carry it on his sleigh. Fortunately for you, Santa doesn’t work for us. (He was kind of conceded during his interview.) So you won’t have to wait until December 25 to receive delicious meats.

In fact, this week marks the time to get your BOJ products for the holidays. In order to have all your delicious snacks by X-Mas eve, get to ordering… so we can get to delivering.

We promise not to climb down your chimney like a crazy person… we’ll just leave it at your door.

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