BOJ And Veterans Day

Jerky – it’s the snack of warriors, in spirit… or literally.

Those facing adversity, sacrifice and often life-threatening situations deserve the world’s most delicious treat- perfectly smoked, tantalizingly spiced and conveniently delivered BOJ jerky products.

When we say “conveniently delivered,” we don’t mean to your doorstep convenient. We mean boxes of BOJ jerky being dropped from a helicopter onto an aircraft carrier convenient…

BOJ prides itself in having an efficient, trustworthy and global reach regarding US military base delivery. Our products are guaranteed to reach your active duty military loved one wherever their service may take them. Beef, turkey, elk, buffalo, sausage, peanuts or brittle – it doesn’t matter.

Blue Ox Jerky proudly delivers its products to any APO, FPO or DPO address around the world. It is a small service we gladly provide to those that provide a much greater one.

Be sure to thank your active duty or veteran service member by sending them the gift of warriors – dried, USDA-approved meat.

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