BOJ and Not Shaving

BOJ and Not Shaving

If you are a man (or woman…) without the genes necessary to grow a beard – please see our post in this week’s “We Got Beef.” We’ll take care of you.

For those who have a magnificent, glorious and healthy facial mop – we’ll also take care of you.

Eating with a beard is tough. Bubble gum, hamburgers, a hearty stew – these are only a few of the things that are hard to watch a bearded person eat. In fact, it’s disgusting.

Those taking no-shave-November seriously are looking for a snack that won’t get stuck in their prized possession. Any strand of cheek-rug that must be cut due to a favorite food can be devastating. What is the most appropriate snack for beaded folks? Are you kidding…?


If you picture someone eating beef jerky right now, that jerky eater is most likely wearing a pair of overalls, sitting atop a mountain with a bald-eagle pleasantly perched on their arm. Of course, they have a beard. If they eat BOJ – they may even have two or three.

This snack is the official, unofficial snack of no-shave-November and Movember. The appropriateness of this treat is unmatched.

If you find yourself, or a loved one, struggling to keep their snack out of their Abraham-Lincoln-style facial shrubbery, look no further! BOJ has the meatiest, most delicious beard-friendly snacks of all.

Happy hairy-face month!

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