Blue Ox and Halloween

Blue Ox and Halloween

BOJ is in full Halloween mode. It’s a great time of year! It’s a season filled with costume parties, jack-O’-lanterns and seasonal consumables. (CANDY!)

Like many holidays, having the exact same routine takes some of the fun out of it. Sometimes holidays need a good kick in the pants, or in this case – a ‘punch in the face.’

BOJ products may not be the best option for handing out to trick-or-treaters. That could get expensive. (We’re talking spiced meats of the highest-quality, not Smarties!) Plus, parents seem to be more worried more than ever of the creep down the street lacing their kid’s candy with razors and rat poison… man, that’s dark. Even for Halloween.

However, a Halloween gift basket? Guaranteed razor-free? That’s more like it.

We are preparing to introduce a new product on the BOJ site – Lodish’s Champion Brittle. It’s stupid good, as well as being stupidly well-timed. Halloween is a great season for brittle. It’s like candy for grown ups, or children with very refined palates.

In addition to our sweetest new product, deep fried peanuts anyone? These are a great complement to any holiday gift basket. They can be dipped in chocolate, marshmallow or just eaten plain. (Though plain is hardly a word to describe their flavor.) Our deep friend peanuts come in a variety of flavors, from hot and spicy, to sweet and garlicky. There is a peanut for everyone! (Unless you’re allergic… sorry about that.)

Of course, the main event: our mouthwatering meat. Jerky and sausage are other awesome treats to give this season. Take time to figure out what flavors a friend would want delivered to their doorstep and let BOJ do the rest. Watching scary movies isn’t complete without a mouth full of meat. Hey! That’s a great slogan!

This season, don’t send a friend Kit-Kats or Snickers… they’ve had those. Send the gift that keeps on giving – a punch in the face from BOJ!

There may even be a 10%-off coupon code involved in such ordering… ToiletPaperMummy … YOU’RE WELCOME.

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