Wayne’s World 2

On December 10, 1993, an iconic and revolutionary film debuted in theaters: Wayne’s World II.

This masterpiece of modern cinema told the continuation of a treasured story. Wayne, a hat-wearing cable-access television host, and his partner Garth, his hockey-worshiping drum expert, began their quest to host the greatest outdoor concert of all time.

The duo’s Aurora, IL, cable-access television program, ‘Wayne’s Word,’ was being filmed out of an old warehouse – rather than Wayne’s mom’s basement, as in the first film. The two make their way to an Aerosmith concert, where they (naturally) have backstage passes. After the show Wayne has a dream. It involves a naked Native American, Jim Morrison and Sammy Davis Jr. It’s weird.

The dream does tell Wayne one thing: create the greatest concert festival of all time. (Did you get the chills yet?)

In the process Wayne finds out that creating a public event is harder than it seems. He finds himself up to his “eyeballs” in permits…

Wayne goes on to make quite the effort, and recruits the help of Del Preston: a washed-up roadie from the glory days of classic rock. The three passionate rock enthusiasts have quite the journey. Hilarity ensues.

Preston is a complete basket-case, and creates more problems than good. However, he is a hilarious addition to the team.

The team is assembled. A Stage is built. Wayne and Garth even tell people the likes of Aerosmith, Van Halen and Pearl Jam will be in attendance. This was a terrible, horrible lie.

By the end of the film the viewer realizes that there is no true ending. Multiple endings play, including a happy ending where all three promised bands show up and perform.

At one point, Wayne must fight his girlfriend’s (Cassandra’s) dad. It is dubbed as if it was a bad 1970s Kung-Fu movie… just watch it.

Wayne’s World II is one of the greatest movies of our generation. From the hilarious opening lip-syncing scene, to the ridiculous stunts by Cassandra’s father, to its amazing Jurrasic Park spoofing.

If you haven’t seen the full film – do it. It will be “most excellent.”


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