Larry King Live Ends


On December 16, 2010, that creepy bag-of-bones stopped frightening the world with his television program “Larry King Live.”

It had been 25 years since that terribly boring first episode with CNN, and finally Larry was ready to hang up the suspenders. (Seriously. This guy could take the pep out of Starbucks.)

King began his career as a disc jockey in Miami Beach, FL. (It’s not what you think.) He practiced sports and news television, writing and radio broadcasting. It was boring.

Eventually, Ted Turner’s CNN scooped him up and brought him to Washington D.C. to begin “Larry King Live.” The program was moved to Los Angeles during the 1990s, and it may have been the warm weather that ultimately led to this dry skeleton’s preservation on-air.

The first guest on “Larry King Live” was Mario Cuomo: the governor of New York. This gave the show a huge initial boost in ratings, and made King a household name. Al Gore and Ross Perot arguing over NAFTA in 1993 didn’t hurt either, in fact, it became the highest rated episode for nearly a decade.

King’s interviewing style was… unprepared. (If that’s a style…) He claimed that this made for a genuine conversation, however, many times this backfired by making him seem uneducated, uninterested and completely out-of-touch.

Seinfeld knows what I’m talking about…

Throughout King’s career, he claims to have conducted upwards of 60,000 interviews. (Good grief. One is bad enough.) The final episode of “Larry King Live” featured his famous goodbye, saying “I..I I don’t know what to say except to you, My audience, Thank You. And instead of Goodbye, how about so long?”

‘So long’ didn’t last long enough… The crazy old geezer appeared on a new web-based program called “Larry King Now” less than two years later. Somehow, he is still conducting interviews, making assumptions and putting people to sleep.

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