Internet Explorer Is Born

On August 16th, 1995 Microsoft introduced the very first version of Internet Explorer to the world.

That day, thousands of people across the globe got to search “boobs” for the first time ever, collectively pooing a giant rainbow of bliss and awe across the static of dial-up.

Internet Explorer 1.0 was a modified version of something called “Spyglass Mosaic.” (I, the writer wouldn’t know, as I am not old enough to remember it myself.) The original Spyglass Mosaic was based on a source code developed by the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA).

A team of six developers led by Thomas Reardon developed the first Internet Explorer. It was released in two packages—in retail for Microsoft Plus! and as an add-on for Windows 95.

Here is a commercial for the product, for your viewing pleasure.

Although Internet Explorer 1.0 integrated nicely with Windows 95, few customers used it. Instead they preferred to use the highly popular browser from Netscape Development Corporation (or any other browser really, Mosaic, Lynx, or Opera). Wait that sounds kind of familiar…
…Oh yeah! That’s right, users hate Internet Explorer, to this day! Well, at least Microsoft has been consistent.

But, in all fairness Internet Explorer has had its share in the limelight as the “cool kid.” In 1999 IE 5.0 surpassed Netscape to become the leading browser and took a third of the market share.

Just this year Chrome overtook IE for the first time as the most-used browser in the U.S—it has already been the market leader worldwide.

If anything Internet Explorer, is actually the greatest browser in history—solely for all the hatred and jokes it has provided the internet with. Thank you, IE.

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