Edison Invents Phonograph


On November 21, 1877, Thomas Edison announced the invention of the phonograph – a magical device that recorded sound.

Edison was busy trying to figure out a way to record telephone conversations. (Creepy… but okay.) In the midst of this quest, Edison began to experiment with a tin cylinder and a small needle at his home in Menlo Park, NJ. Surprisingly, he successfully recorded his first audio – “Mary Had A Little Lamb.”

(He should have chosen something by Def Leappard…)

Regardless of Edison’s undeveloped musical taste, the invention made him internationally-known as the “Wizard of Menlo Park.” Tesla hated this…

A year following his rap battle with Tesla, Edison stopped working on the phonograph in order to pursue some other trinkets… (INCANDESCENT LIGHT BULB)… but revisited the device once someone else had made it better. Although the machine was initially used as a voice recorder, it became clear that it could be used for entertainment purposes.

edison record

Edison competed in the recording market via the National Phonograph Company beginning in 1912. Eventually, Edison’s awesome-sounding disks were replaced by the radio revolution.

Don’t get down on yourself Tommy! At least you had the the two-way telegraph, kinetoscope, fluoroscope, vitascope, incandescent light…

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