Bob Barker is Replaced


On October 15, 2007, a new face appeared on the stage of everyone’s favorite “sick day” television program.

After 35 years of tanned, white-haired glory, Bob Barker laid down his oddly long microphone to resign as the host of The Price is Right – the longest-running daytime game show in television history.

Who could ever replace this legend of elderly seduction? Who is going to remind daytime TV-watchers to remove their pets’ reproductive systems to prevent irresponsible pet procreation?

Drew Carey. That’s who.

You know, the guy from that show where Craig Ferguson is the boss, Ryan Stiles is the best friend and a circus tent-wearing monster named “Mimi” is the only antagonist. TV producer: “Wait a minute, maybe this isn’t the best choice…”


To be fair, Drew Carey was pretty funny on Whose Line is it Anyway? and he held his own during the 2001 WWE Royal Rumble… even though he disqualified himself like a bumbling coward in the presence of Kane. In his defense, if he could get into the ring with Kane, he could probably handle being hugged by 50-year-old women while holding a 2-foot-long microphone. Drew was in the Marine Corps back in the day… alright Drew, “COME ON DOWN!”


The Price is Right focuses on bidding hypothetical prices for retail items commonly found in American stores. It has become a national treasure over its 39 years of broadcasting, and Carey has outdone anyone’s wildest expectations. Those that had come to love Bob Barker’s dry humor embraced Carey’s in-your-face sarcasm and witty commentary.

Carey has respected Barker’s animal rights obsession by continuing to remind viewers to spay or neuter their pets each taping. He also takes hugs pretty well. Most importantly, he has continued to bring senior citizens and those participating in “senior skip day” the joy of watching crazed audience members bid on the retail price of Brillo pads.

Since his start at TPIR, Carey has lost an incredible amount weight, ditched the cheap hairpiece and has become a household name. Here’s to you Drew Carey, you proved us all wrong.

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