When the holidays roll around, there are always people that say “I hate this time of year.”
Good for you.
You hate when everyone tries a bit harder to be more thoughtful, friendly and all-around good spirited? You can’t see through the materialistic aspects to appreciate one iota of what the season is all about?
Amazing. Wonderful. Fantastic. You are a scrooge.
Scrooges suck the fun out of everything. They complain, especially about their own experiences with the holiday season. They talk about what bothers them the most about shopping for kids, driving to the mall and how the snow is too cold. Pretty soon the lights will be too bright and the tree will be too pine needle-smelling.
You can choose to ignore these folks, but there are better ways to deal with a scrooge. In fact, they need the holiday spirit most of all.


1. Do Something Thoughtful


Out of the blue, and without direction, just do something nice for someone you know does not enjoy the holidays. If it’s a gift, be sure to preface with “Please don’t feel obligated to reciprocate. I just wanted to do this.” This will avoid one of the scrooge community’s biggest complaints: having to buy gifts because someone bought you one. Just be nice about it – laid back. Make it something small, but meaningful. This is a great way to open a scrooge up.


2. Do Something Thoughtful Together


The only thing that feels better than receiving… is giving. (AWEE!) Seriously, it’s true. Giving to someone who truly needs help can be eye-opening. Ask a Grinch to accompany you to a service drive, or a volunteer holiday celebration for the less fortunate. This can be a powerful experience. Maybe the scrooge at hand simply needs to feel the amazing sensation of being awesome for a day. Give them the chance to see the holidays in their best light.


3. LAST RESORT: “Bah Humbug”

If this person cannot be touched by the gifts you buy, or the lessons you demonstrate… just mock them. Right to their sad, miserable face. If they can only feel better by putting-down the good energy of others, give them a dose of their own medicine. Every time the scrooge says something Ginchy… just say “Bah Humbug.” If they are constantly complaining, you will be saying this a lot. More than likely, they will notice this and stop whining so much. This won’t solve the root of the problem, but it will keep them from ruining your holiday spirit.

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