Potholes are the worst. They have been especially horrible this winter—popping up overnight like acne on a preteen face, except instead of causing social embarrassment, they can do serious damage to your tires and the rest of your car. Even small potholes can damage your wheels, chassis, and suspension or knock your alignment out of whack.



What can you do?

1.) Complain to anyone and everyone who will listen to you.Everyone you know will love it.

2.) Write a letter to your local government. Nothing is going to change, but it may make you feel better.

3.) Educate yourself and learn how to deal with potholes. Here are some tips.

    • Make sure your tires are properly inflated. Under or over inflated tires are more susceptible to being damaged when hitting potholes.
    • Leave plenty of room in front of your car so you can see and avoid them ahead of time. You should never tail gate anyway!
    • Remember to keep an eye out for puddles. Deep potholes sometimes disguise themselves as puddles!


If you can’t avoid hitting one

  • Slow down before you hit it. But DO NOT BRAKE while you’re going over the pothole. Braking while you’re going over the pothole can actually increase the damage to your car. When you brake during an impact the tire will make a solid hit against the edge of the pothole. Less damage occurs when the tire is rolling on impact.
  • Hold onto your steering wheel tightly. Make sure you have a good hold on the steering wheel so you don’t lose control while going over potholes.

Signs of damage after hitting a pothole:

    • Dents in the wheel rims
    • Low tire pressure
    • Bubbles or bulges on the tire sidewalls


  • Car pulling to the left or right, which could indicate an alignment problem


There. Now you know just how to deal with potholes. Share the knowledge with your friends and save their tires too! If worse comes to worse, you can always go for a swim!

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